Johannes Tammekänd


CEO & Founder of Sidekik - An AI version of Yourself.

Hey Betalist! 👋

We are the creators of Sidekik - An AI version of yourself that outsources your daily decision making.

After working in NATO and having NSA as a client I saw what can be achieved with data. At the same time, I realized how much the big technology companies profit from it, but not individuals themselves. All of this has led to massive inequality between individuals and the big technology companies. At the end of 2017, the company I worked with got acquired by CrowdStrike, a Silicon Valley unicorn backed by Google. I was offered to take the lead as a software architect with a lucrative payday. I said no and turned down an offer few do because I believe individuals ought to benefit from their data like technology companies do. Sidekik was started so the future can belong to everyone.

Created with the same technology, you can already talk with the president of the United States -

Making decisions is hard - every day we have to make up to a whopping 35 000 decisions from as little of what to eat to who to date. Your Sidekik will help you make those decisions based on your personality, strengths and who you are thus helping you make better choices and saving you time. Every hero needs a Sidekik to be at his best.

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