Joe Masilotti


Independent developer who's passionate about clean, testable code. Launching @TheMugshotBot today on Product Hunt!

Hi BetaList! 👋 I'm Joe, the founder of Mugshot Bot.

Blogging should be focused on writing great content. But writers, myself included, spend a ton of time creating link preview images to share on social.

Mugshot Bot automates the process, across your entire blog. Drop in one line of HTML and when you share your post on Twitter or Facebook a dynamic image is generated based on your content.

⭐️ I've set aside 15 lifetime deals for BetaList on the pricing page: 50% off FOREVER.⭐️

I hope you enjoy using Mugshot Bot as much as I enjoyed building it! Let me know if you have any questions on how I built it or what's coming next!