Jakob Marovt


Always busy building 🚢 - Creator Wunderhub, @oneteamhq, @coincall | ex @pleo, @techstars, @seedcamp

@fleischerdk Thanks Jess! Hopefully, you'll be able to more and more biz apps as we progress!
@madshensel Thanks for being our early user Mads!
Tnx Dominique, that's very close to our short term plan of being able to search across all your cloud biz apps. Will be adding more as we go!
@MathiasUth Thanks Mathias! Means a lot to us. Making it better as we speak!
@AlexNucci Thanks Alex - have any specific business apps that you would want to def hook up to Cuely?
@jmarovt our stuff lives on Google (docs, sheets, etc.), Trello and Slack right now, for the most part.

We use Drift for chat. We do send all chats to Slack, though, so a connection through Slack might be enough.

We don't have a help desk, yet, but will in time. Couldn't tell you which one we'll pick (though I have used Front before and liked it, and that lives on top of Gmail).

Dev team uses Github, and we're about to start using Pivotal Tracker.

@AlexNucci Ah, cool, good stack! Thanks! Will be in touch.
@AlexNucci Ah, cool, good stack! Thanks! Will be in touch.
@simonsylvest Boom! Working on making it even much better! Thanks for great feedback so far!
@mtschammer Tnx Martin! At this point, every major SaaS product integration is on the plate. We should cover all the major ones within next few months.