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Hi there! One of the makers here.
There is one particular area of Vinstant I'd love to highlight to you:

We are significantly fixing the copyright issue happening on every video platform.

How? Your own public clip is always directly connected to you and controlled by you, regardless how many uses it elsewhere. You can at any given time disable a specific user from using your clip. Or if you delete your clip, it will also be deleted everywhere where it is being used.

Right now, the behavioral problem is that people illegally download a clip, edit it in a video editor (iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere Pro etc), export and upload. When that happens, duplicates of that clip exists from different people = copyright issue.

The big question is, how do we significantly reduce the amount of uploads of video clips that aren't the users own? Our take on it is: By making the clip accessable in the first case, and give the owner the control of it.

So, on Vinstant, there are no need to illegally download anothers clip, as you can already use it instantly. When others see it, they can always see who that clip really belongs to (like Credits).

Let me know if you have any questions or comments! We reaaally look forward to launch it soon. We also have a beta programme for those who are interested in testing it with us! /JJ
@VictorKoch thank you for your interest! We're definitely open. I have not received an email yet. Have you sent it to [email protected] or [email protected] ? Thanks!