Jipy Mohanty



Hello Betalisters!

What a privilege it is to be here showcasing our product to the world for the first time. Please shoot us any questions or feedback. Me and @sgaurav_baghel would love to hear them.

Verloop was born out of a pivot from an earlier B2C product called MagicX. Failing in MagicX taught us a bunch of AI and about conversational interfaces. Some of that NLP work, we have contributed back to MIT's MITIE and the combined that with a refreshed UI, we now have Verloop.

Customers such as Livpure.in are using us for lead generation with > 25% conversion. And, others such as Apollo Munich Insurance (http://www.apollomunichinsurance.com/) have automated end-to-end sales of travel insurance through Verloop.

Whether you run a e-commerce site from your basement, or process health insurance claims for half your country's population, we got a solution for you, and one that fits your budget.

Come, talk to us. 😻