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Hey Per! The website seems to be down. I'm also getting an invalid SSL cert when trying to access the link.
@jimmylipham Thanks! We've already been informing Betalist about the broken links. The correct link is http://gethellobox.com
@jimmylipham The issue has been solved. Thanks again for pointing this out!
Hey guys and girls! I'm working on Product Validator and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have! Its interesting... validating a service whose purpose is to aid in validating product ideas... its like inception.
@dobrogaiev Thanks for asking! The idea has generated a TON of interest, so its definitely something I'm going to finish up building. I'll be releasing some tools to help validate your product/idea over the next couple of weeks, and I'm excited to see how they can help!
@t3db0t Great questions!

- Job sites, facebook groups, tweet data, quora questions, investment data, news article data, product release data are many of the categories combined in order to determine if there is any demand, competition and target market data relating to the submitted idea.

- We utilize results found from the above categories to determine the "heat level" of the demand for a particular product.
@jimmylipham Ah, OK—so you are talking about data mining/sentiment analysis, etc.?
I'm interested in the space, for sure, but it's something that I'd need a lot of confidence in the quality of the research methods & reports before spending any money on.
Same here. @BetaList - How is this trending if their signup form doesn't even work?