Jeff Lam Tian Hung


Hello everyone! Founder of Teleo here.

Instead of using multiple tools, we're using Teleo to manage multiple projects at that we have running. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.
@vikmeup thanks for asking! Teleo wants to provide you with a holistic space that brings all the functionalities that those tools above provide you (as much as possible).

The idea is that using those tools today makes it difficult for a true seamless integration across them all, and you end up copy and pasting information from one place to another, or not being sure what or where the most accurate information is in.

Hope that helps!
@jefflamth I will give it a try with our team! Thanks
@vikmeup thank you! Feel free to give feedback :)
@vikmeup thank you! Feel free to give feedback :)
@btolle89 thanks for your feedback! Yes, the issue is that we all use multiple tools and things start to get a little out of hand once we move beyond a few team members.

We will definitely aim to have some sort of freemium model, although of course we have to balance it right in order to sustain :) I would love to hear more about your current workflow and problems though, so if you do not mind, could you reach out to me at [email protected] ?
@jefflamth sure thing. just shot you an email
Hey everyone, founder of here. If you got any questions, happy to answer them here or shoot them over at [email protected] !

Hey everyone, just in case you can't access our page from the link above, we are at !