Maker of things on the internet, my latest product is https://t.co/Qual9M3nCx

Hi Graham, the tool looks good. Can you add estimates to a user story?
@jankeesvw Hi Jankees, thanks!

Yes, you can use estimates.

I'm focusing on a simple and flexible as interface, so Planner doesn't mind whether you use ideal days, points, or T-shirt sizes (S, M, L).

If you use numbers, Planner will add them up.
@marckohlbrugge the way you describe it makes me want this product!
@jankeesvw Haha, let's hope it works the way I describe it then!
@jankeesvw Here's what I'd really love to have:

1. I pick a Trello card to work on and click a button (Trello Powerup?)
2. It automatically opens all the right programs.
3. Creates a new git branch based for this particular feature
4. Add a Github branch link to the Trello card
5. When I push the changes it moves the Trello card to the next List
I'm already doing GTD, so this app is not for me. But I really love the style of this application! Great work.