Jankees van Woezik


Freelance full stack developer and co-founder of https://t.co/FmWLrNxAEz, did a podcast for a while at https://t.co/l0LyytYDPK

Is this allowed under GDPR?
Hi Graham, the tool looks good. Can you add estimates to a user story?
@jankeesvw Hi Jankees, thanks!

Yes, you can use estimates.

I'm focusing on a simple and flexible as interface, so Planner doesn't mind whether you use ideal days, points, or T-shirt sizes (S, M, L).

If you use numbers, Planner will add them up.
Nice, I've been using Alfredapp's build in Clipboard manager but this looks way cooler, love to try it!
@marckohlbrugge the way you describe it makes me want this product!
@jankeesvw Haha, let's hope it works the way I describe it then!
@jankeesvw Here's what I'd really love to have:

1. I pick a Trello card to work on and click a button (Trello Powerup?)
2. It automatically opens all the right programs.
3. Creates a new git branch based for this particular feature
4. Add a Github branch link to the Trello card
5. When I push the changes it moves the Trello card to the next List