Swaathi Kakarla


CTO @SkcriptHQ • Building @UNBTHQ • Organizer @gdgchennai • Contributor @FixateIO • Married @imkarthikk • Unhealthy obsession with writing beautiful code {♦️,🐍}

Hey everyone! Founder of HearApp popping by to say hello.

It's been about 3 weeks since we launched on ProductHunt and we're super proud to have over 150 users and our first paid customer! It's an exciting time for us.

If you do meetings on a regular basis and just can't keep up (like me!), do checkout HearApp - https://hearapp.co.

HearApp is an effortless minutes tool for managing everything around meetings; before, during, and after! Video here 👉🏼 http://bit.ly/hearapp-demo.

Don't forget the Betalist coupon code that gets you 50% off! :)