Matt Blake


Hi, I’m Matt a web designer with 10 years experience creating websites for business and charities. DM me for a quick quote.

Started using this a week ago. Fantastic quick support especially with JSON errors.
@abhay9318 I thought mobile apps was a good place to start given the concept. When do you think a dedicated website or Windows app would be useful?
@populomarketing Sorry I've delayed releasing access to new accounts for a couple of weeks. You can still sign up to join a mailing list to find out when Project Loft is ready.
@iammattblake ok, thanks matt, thanks for letting me know earlier
Thanks @just_S I’m not trying to compete with the extensive team focussed project management tools. I’m a freelance web designer and I’ve tried to build something that will help my 1 to 1 work with clients.
@iammattblake that's where the hole in the market lies! Very few players. For solopreneurs, Angstrom is an interesting one, as is Focuster. But it looks like what you are creating is on another level. Best of luck!
@DirectionLocal Since submitting Project Loft to BetaList I've decided to delay realising beta accounts for a few weeks whilst I make some improvements. I'll email an update soon.