Heidi Taperson


Mobile Lead @toggl

@marckohlbrugge Hey Marc! :) Superday is for people who are not so much into time tracking but would like to see how and where they spend their time, and do some casual measurements. Also, it’s not integrated with Toggl currently.
@heiditaperson Ah nice. Widening your customer base a bit. Might be interesting to consider integrating with Gyroscope ( https://gyrosco.pe ) in the future. Right now they integrate with RescueTime for similar data (e.g. how productive were you today, etc), but Superday seems like a more lightweight alternative.
@marckohlbrugge Also, the app is similar to Moves in that it tracks overall location.
@Bartjezzz Thank you for letting us know. Can tell me your iOS version and we'll investigate the problem.
@KangLando Thank you. :) Unfortunately we don't have Android version at the moment but it's in our plans.
Hey app enthusiasts! Our new Android app is just around the corner, almost ready to start tracking your time - wherever you go, whatever you do.

As you’ll see, we’ve made some major changes and additions to the app, but also corrected and squashed some bugs that gave us (& you) some headaches for quite some time - looking at you sync_error_24.

Have any questions? Shoot! Also, if feeling adventurous, how about joining our Beta Club and taking the app for a spin? 😎