Harry Tucker


Mostly NBA rambling, tech, media and startups. Growth and product @payquicka. Cavs tragic. Devout follower of the Church of Delly. Quieting the monkey mind.

Hey guys! I'm the founder of Drops Media. We're looking to change media and PR through great tech.

Right now, we're helping startups with their PR and content. It's loads cheaper than an agency, and done by a team that actually understands your tech! Plus our team is all ex media, not cheap outsourced content or inexperienced writers.

Let me know if I can answer any of your questions or help at all!
Hey guys!

Just put this up to make affordable transcription. Starts at $4.99 a script - much cheaper than most competitors! Plus, we have an AI engine that will summarize it into key sentences - perfect for long lectures, interviews or meetings.