Prakash Gupta


Passionate about designing and developing scalable software platforms. Founder @ClouderizerT


I’m Prakash, one of the co-founders at Clouderizer.
I have been involved in building large scale enterprise SaaS products since last 12 years. I started teaching myself Deep Learning couple of years ago. Soon I figured the frustrating difficulty data scientists face in procuring expensive infrastructure and in complex dependency setup to recreate other people’s work. User community of few DL MOOCs I enrolled in, had more setup related queries than deep learning itself. Existing tools and frameworks, claiming to solve these issues, felt lacking on multiple fronts, and that’s when I decided to build one myself.

Clouderizer aims to assist data scientists in automating their project setup on any cloud of their choice (including Google Colab with free GPU), checkpointing their complete research (code, data, model) for easy iteration and reproduction, and finally, serving their models with RESTful APIs and a ready to use web app.

We have been working on this for almost a year now. There is still a long way ahead of us but we are excited to show you what we created so far. Once you sign up, under Community Projects, we have few ready to use Deep Learning templates to help you get started. Give it a try and let us know what you think. I will be happy to answer any queries you might have.