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Thanks for asking that!
There is no such particular format but our writers know how to present any niche content.
For example - A product review blog post will be written in the format, starting with:
Listing of all products with ratings
1. "Description of product
2. "Explain what is wrong within product
3. Pros & Cons
4. Buyer's Guide.

Moreover, we follow a particular personalized type - content. People love to buy from people who they can relate to. So instead of writing as a company we write as a person. Using lots of 'I' and 'you' to emphasize on having a conversation.

Being specific: People loved to be lead by their hands.
Being biased: People love conflicting opinions.

So these are the parameters we have been now training our writers to adapt and follow this format that surely bring customers.
@vikaszv95 How many words per article or is there a max?
That's per client wish. You can bid the article length according to your requirement. However, 1000 word articles are more favoured. Or maybe up to 1500 words.
Remember a 1000 word article would take max 4-6 days to complete and for more words hence more time that includes researching, kws optimizing, data collection, bringing originality, etc.
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