giampaolo ferradini


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Thanks a lot guys!! I had been dreaming something like this for years, and knowing that you like it makes my heart bigger.
We tested it in college last summer, and students used it for an exam. They told us that they saved up to 50% in understanding and learning time. You need to be slightly more attentive when you read, which pays off in creating your summaries and eliminating the need to re-read the original, write your own version, repeat, etc.
And if you need to make people understand or read, you make their lives a whole lot easier :)
@eu_roman Thank you. Please let me know if I can be of help in using it!
@Carolin84369810 Thank you :) As above with Eu: let me know if I can help
Funny how I bumped into this just as I was looking to learn Git :) Will try it out, thank you.