This is a great tool, especially for early stage startups. When a startup is at the very early stages, time and money should be spent on building the product and talking with customers. Yet appearing professional and reliable is vital, something that good branding can help with. It think that this app presents a good compromise.
@getmodo_io I am so glad to hear from you! Branding is especially important in the early days of your business. it becomes a foundation for what’s to come.

However, branding can be a challenging and expensive process. And I realized that many early-stage startups do not have the time, resources, nor budget to hire a professional branding agency. So I decided to tackle this problem and create a product for people who have: no resources, skills, time, nor budget. That is why we made ZeBrand: a revolutionary branding automated web-service for every startup and team. I hope you will be looking forward to our progress.