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Hello Everyone!
If you wonder why we're building this, here's the reason...
We feel that the combination of fast-pace interpersonal communications, remote work and fast-moving ecosystems have conducted to huge a challenge regarding focus and clarity in the workplace.

Slack, Teams, Facebook Workplace and other platforms keep everyone connected throughout the day, and yet it has become even more difficult for teams to stay aligned around what matters the most.

We believe this constant flow of conversation and information is great but is also a threat. When your day starts, it's so easy to lose your focus and start reacting on live information, sometimes at the expense of real priorities.

We believe that team and corporate alignments start with a simple daily routine. We believe that it should start and end by a 5-minute exercise by everyone. Think about what you will do today to maximise the value you will deliver and recap your actions when the day ends.

As tech enthusiasts, we're aiming at designing a simple solution to handle individual productivity and team alignment. We wanted this tool to be simple, delightful and interactive; but we also wanted it to be asynchronous so that people could be caught up in on their own time.

The result is Achieved, a simple tool to forecast your workday and track, step by step, the achievement of your objectives.