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@azazqadir Thanks for your feedback. You can most definitely use a packaged CMS solution if that fulfills your needs. Twill is made for people who develop custom solutions. Twill has all the features that a package solution has but available within a custom application - headed, headless, or as a microservice.

But further, a CMS made with Twill has a beautiful interface with an experience that has been thought through end-to-end. It enables publishers to have creative freedom while ensuring the integrity of the design system. And it is used in production for large-scale websites that require the highest level of performance, security, and sustainability.

October is a good CMS (I don't know Coaster) and anyone who is vetting a Laravel CMS solution should consider it along with others, including Twill. As always, you should go with what you feel most comfortable with and what satisfies the needs of the project.