Hey, Beta List!
I’m Garri, I’m one of the founders of Moni Talks, a new company(more like a private party) attempting to make crypto news easily understandable and enjoyable.
Like many people in the community, we found it challenging to keep track of what was happening in the crypto industry. We had to watch hundreds of media resources non-stop to not miss vital events and announcements.

Missed vital news:
🤦 Lowers chances to find next crypto gem 100x project;
💸 Cuts your profits and increases your chance to have losses;
🤯 Makes you feel terrible about missed opportunities.

This is how Moni Talks was born. Every day, we hand-pick the hottest news from
500+ major Twitter accounts, 100+ telegram & discord channels, 20+ news websites, and pack it in 5-minute reads. Spice it up with a fun and friendly approach to writing, personal opinions on major events and you'll get a full picture of what Moni Talks is about: NO sweat, NO FOMO.

We have two rubrics:

- Daily Crypto News 🌶
Here we observe crypto and financial news, major events. Better to say, it's just necessary news to stay on top.

- DegenStuff 💎
We dig deeply into tons of crypto projects to find 100x gems, so you don’t have to. Here you can find pre-sales, whitelists, airdrops, new interesting tokens and NFTs. So readers can use our researches to make their own investment decisions or take part in under radar, hidden projects. We doing our job with a group of 100 researchers, so just imagine this benefit for you. SOOO much benefit :)

Some beautiful stats:
- 1500+ subscribers;
- More than 250+ issues written;
- 2 languages: English and Russian;
- Many crypto founders, traders, and influencers already reading us for more than 2 months.
Yes, we are small right now, but we keep rollin’

Join our Party 🥳 and, obviously, F$CK FOMO.
Would love to hear your thoughts and answer the questions 😺
Want to say Hi? [email protected]
@realMaxRand Thanks Max! Let me know if you got some questions?
@qqmkk Giving alpha everyday, so you don't miss next 100x project :)