Gustavo Zomer


Thanks for feedback @MMushfiqRahman, really appreciated it =) You're right, the match of icons/logo/industry is the part that need the most development.

Currently, I'm using icons some icons from and The problem is how to select icons given an industry/keywords, as those databases have hundreds of thousands of icons to choose from.

At the moment, I'm developing a machine learning algorithm to evaluate the quality of the icons (in general, icons that are "simpler" are a best fit), but it is not as easy as I thought 🤦‍♂️If you have any other idea, I'm open to hear it 🙂

I'll post a update here when I release the new version =)

Thank you once again 👍
@g_zomer Perhaps you can find a site that has free use logo vectors with tags. Scrape that site with the tags. Which tag goes with which industry might be self evident for a lot of tags. For others you might have to make manual matches.

However, I don't think you should do that. Logos and the images used in them should not be restricted to symbols that are typical to the company's industry. INstead I think you should have a questionnaire or flow that asks for the different ideas and feeling a brand represents and use that to guide people towards a more idealistic and abstract imagery for the logo.
Looking forward for any suggestions, tips or feedback 😃