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Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback. I think the best way to say whether SCRN will improve user experience is to try the app after it's launch. I'm going to write a blog post about the idea behind the app soon.
As for storage space the app will remove used screenshots, so there will be no issues. Cheers!
@_CharlieBuckle Hi Charlie, thanks for your question. We've developed a way to get direct source link from social media posts screenshots. I can't tell you all the "magic" but can say that we use image recognition for that.
@fo0x I guess you can just take a bunch of screenshots within an like Medium, and compare all pixels to identify constant UI elements. That way you create a 'finger print' to compare against anytime a user takes a screenshot. Very clever!
@marckohlbrugge Pretty much like that :) Thanks!
@marckohlbrugge Pretty much like that :) Thanks!
@HumbleHouse1 Never heard of it before, but yes, it's pretty similar. We'll work on functions and feaures, export may be implemented if the users will request it.