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@vital_tech_ Hello, code was available for one week, which as I know is a standard in these kind of launches. When it comes to support, I'm always here. 4-5 people reached out to me via my LinkedIn account about invoicing and other stuff. I did whatever necessary, quick. I encourage you to first buy, then want support, then write this kind of reviews in the future. Because you didn't take the steps to write a review about me or my product. Cheers.
@fatihguner I doubt I am the only person in the world that checks out the About page and Contact page before purchasing. When I click "Contact" by convention I expect to see a contact form, email, support portal or something similar. I've never clicked "Contact" and been brought to a Linkedin profile. To me, that's a social media profile, not a method of support. These are the steps I take before making a purchase and I doubt if I am unique in this regard.