Fahim Abouelfadl


@ianmayman The content and its impact on your workout is the main difference--BitGym currently provides tours using HD videos where your speed dictates how quickly you progress through that tour. The outcome is simulating an outdoor biking experience while indoors.

We want to go a step further than visuals or distractions with our game. In addition to making your cardio experience more entertaining and virtually transporting you out of the environment you are in, we want the game to structure and enhance your workout. Using collectibles and elements such as timed gates, objects that chase you, etc. players will be forced to speed up or slow down as they progress through the game. In this way our game can be fun, while also motivating you to workout harder through leaderboards, challenges, and multiplayer functionality in the future.
@ianmayman And thank you for letting me know about the sign up form--will make sure everything is fixed on that front ASAP