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Husband of @hayley51793. Bootstrapping https://t.co/BAvYrhVww2. Soli Deo gloria.

Hey everyone,

Me and my wife are planning on releasing this product early next year. We've always been into traveling and very much enjoy taking quick weekend trips when we need a little R&R. We hear from friends all the time that they'd like to do the same but don't know how to plan a trip or think it's too expensive, so we've been working on creating Alpaca My Bags to make that super easy.

Every week we'll be posting new pre-planned weekend getaways to awesome locations such as Southern Cali, New York, and Portland that are booked 3 weeks in advance. Unlike a lot of other travel sites, our trips are 100% hand-curated and our listings are not simply limited to hotels—we'll be including listings from Airbnb, Homeaway, and other providers.

We plan to eventually branch out of the US and into other countries, and we also plan to accommodate trips for more/less than 2 people, so sign up for updates and we'll let you know when those get closer to launching!

Anyways, let us know if you have any questions!
How does it determine how much time has elapsed between commits, or how long a particular commit took to actually write? From the screenshots and information on the landing page, I don't see how it could know that.
@ezekgabrielse It groups commits together within an hour range and assigns hours based on those groups. So if you commit a 9:30, 10:15 and again at 11 it assumes you worked for 1.5 hours straight. If you commit once during the day it assumes you worked 1 hour. It's a good fit for those who use their git history to track what was done each day and to use it as a way to judge how long you worked on a feature on a given day. It's a passive way to estimate hours logs.
@FredRivett Thanks Fred! We're planning to eventually branch out into more/less than 2 passengers, but thought it was a good place to start.
@ezekgabrielse Of course, best to start with a really solid niche and then expand out from there once you've got some traction.