Congratulations on joining Seedcamp, guys!
@KaloyanYankulov Thanks Kalo! It's very exciting and has really helped to accelerate our growth. Appreciate the support.
@CodyFitzpatrick Hey Cody,

Thank you for the encouraging feedback!

Would love to learn more how you wanted to use Zapier in that way and what was their response. Feel free to respond here or drop me an email at [email protected] (or use the chat button on our site) - since we're in very early stage every feedback input is crucial.
Hey @enchargeio, we had a Rails + React app which we wanted to integrate via several external apps like popular PM or communication tools. The goal here was to integrate only one external app with our own app, which would serve as a gateway to other integrations.

We sought Zapier for this and contacted them to see if it was possible. Turns out, by integrating with Zapier, you do indeed enable a plethora of integrations. The problem is, every one of our users whom wanted to take advantage of this integration had to have a Zapier account.

I saw it as more of a "Oh, you want to integrate with Trello? Just authenticate with Trello?" when in reality you first had to log in with your Zapier account, then connect your Trello account to your Zapier account in order to establish a connection between our app and the user's Trello account.

Hopefully this makes sense. In short, it'd be immensely powerful for web applications to integrate with only one external application, such as yours, which in turn enables the users of the original web app integrations with a plethora of apps without any additional coding.