Hey guys, Tyler here with Ember. For some reason our SSL didn't take so we want everyone to know that the site should work on https later today!

If you want to check out Ember, go to http://www.embercart.com, to avoid the SSL error. We will be up on SSL soon!
@RenatoRotsztejn Because the redirect is bad UX. There should be no reason that you leave a page to buy one item. You should be able to buy 6 items with one click. The other solution is click on image, redirect, click on size, add to cart click... that, in my opinion, is too many clicks for one product.
@embercart Thank you for your explanation! I couldn't see this value proposition on your landing page, but maybe it was my mistake... I believe if you could add exactly what you told me on your website, you will add more value to your product and differentiate better your solution than other competitors :)