Ernesto J. Sandoval


Drummer. Live. Studio. Rock. Alternative. Pop. Jazz. Hip Hop. Rap. Christian and Gospel.

How can fount help musicians?
@ejsdrummer Wow! Another great question. I'm going to assume you're a musician. I have never been musically gifted but I can imagine how difficult it must be to bring attention to a band. The first thing I think of is the awesome band posters that are on light poles. You could find a graphic designer on our platform to make those posters. Once you have the graphic design work done and sent, you could find a social media specialist or growth hacker on our platform to promote your next show online. Every singer or band has got to have a place to house their music. You can find an awesome web designer on our platform to make you a great website! Not to mention we have a couple of people that are in the entertainment industry on the platform already. We look at musicians as entrepreneurs as well!