Edo Williams


Maker of @retroteam5 - Fun and easy Retrospective for Agile Teams https://t.co/YvD9lGeSvO

Thank you betalist for featuring our startup.

For the past year, I have been working on RetroTeam, a platform that aims to help teams using Agile project management conduct a vital part of their working method, the retrospective, whether they’re in the same building, or distributed across the globe.

I manage a team of engineers using the Agile method, and every two weeks, after a sprint, conducts a retro, where I collect opinions, votes, and discussions with my team on what went well and what didn’t. I found that though many other tools for conducting retros exist, these tools lack something and don’t meet the needs of actual users on the ground, so decided to create RetroTeam, with a focus around minimalist design, little clutter, ease of access, collecting data, discussion and security.

RetroTeam’s primary objective is to make remote Agile meetings more productive and collaborative. It does this through a pared-down interface that makes setting up a retro board and running the retrospective quick and simple, and through a multitude of features, giving facilitators control over their board and how they run their retro.

It’s well known that productive, motivated teams lead to better outcomes, and an essential part of keeping teams on task is open communications and clear reporting. Having an accessible, intuitive retrospective tool is vital for project managers to know exactly what their teams need and to constantly improve their process.