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Brazilian entrepreneur, tech, innovation and education enthusiast; always learning; curious.

Thanks, @marckohlbrugge. Real chats are the basis of the Vorbee learning experience. Our goal is to connect people not only considering one side is a student and the other is a tutor. We want to create contextual conversations based specially on empathy.
Hi @phucfl, did you get an email from [email protected] when you tried to recover your password? Just tested here and all seems to be working fine. You can contact me directly for a better assistance: [email protected]
Hi guys. Really nice project here, congrats. To find a good ready-to-use landing page sometimes is a tough task. Offering that for free sounds like a smart strategy to generate leads to get paid projects to develop. Analysing your website I was able to find small improvements that may increate CTA conversion in that matter.

If you guys allow me to share them here we go: https://www.evernote.com/l/AVER3S6_ZAtGcq1NMUiawnS_QYhcIy5If6M

Take care!