writing generative focus music with code 🎧 https://t.co/z4iSnAlx4M

Hey everyone!

Hope you're well. I made Flowful solo to scratch my own itch around a lack of focus music that I could use without distraction. Spotify & Youtube recommendations would always pull me towards my usual listening habits while deep into the zone. So I figured, why does the music never need to end? Instead of fixed-length tracks, I created (and I am continuing to create) procedurally-generated tracks which never pull you out of the zone.

As someone who is easily distracted by focus music, I've tried to make the current tracks as ambient as possible, with the ability to customise them as you wish. If you need something more prominent, you can select an addition based on the task you're doing.

Hopefully this app helps some people do better work, extends flow states, and blocks distractions! I am very appreciative of any and all feedback, feature requests, and hate mail telling me my music sux. I'm all ears!

Thanks for checking it out,