Daniel Lin


apm @yahoo, fellow @kpcb, associate @uclaventures

Hello Beta List!!

We started Quickey after finding ourselves overwhelmed with all of the links we needed to track at work. For most websites, we had to type the exact URL or fumble through our bookmarks—and as new projects emerged and priorities constantly shifted, this became too tedious and unwieldy 😭

As self-proclaimed "keyboard shortcut" geeks, we imagined a solution where we could, at any moment, get to any link we wanted with a single tap ⚡️. And as we iterated on the idea, we strived to rethink how keyboard shortcuts could be more visual, approachable, and fun for everyone else to use 😛

Today, we're excited to share Quickey with the BL community—we've definitely noticed improvements in our own productivity, and we hope it can help you too! 😍

Here are some of our favorite Quickey features:
🌍 Global Hotkeys (ALT+[KEY])
👋 Drag-N-Drop Editing
💩 Emoji Customization
📷 High Resolution Photo Backgrounds
🇰🇷 International/DVORAK Keyboard Support