Dani Hart


Sustainable growth enthusiast @psyML_co 👀 Growth, psychometrics, yoga, running, goats, & a good lavender lemonade. 🧘 200RYT @iheartyoga_oc

As a mentor on Growthmentor, pulling someone out of their day to rethink the way they are approaching their work is one of my favorite things to do.

After working in growth for years, I found it challenging to find others to brainstorm and run my execution plans through. I always thought there was room for a business model like this to thrive and now Foti is taking initiative to give everyone a mentor when they need it.
@dahartattack Growth is not easy, and by definition it's supposed to hurt a bit because you have to break stuff in order for it to grow back stronger. Right? There be some support for this for the everyday non-VC funded founders. And I'm not only thinking support for tactical stuff, but also the emotional/psychological stuff. Thank you so much for being a part this Dani!
@Daniil_evych I wonder if you would pay more for that session. $10 doesn't seem sustainable to me. Regardless, it's nice that the market can set the price in the long run.
@dahartattack I would pay more, yes.
I do understand that it's not a sustainable model currently as the platform is new and needs to attract early users, thus such a low price.