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Nicely done, and works quite well in most cases. I did however find some sites (,, more) that didn't return an icon or a fallback icon, but rather a broken image. The one thing these sites have in common is that they serve style sheets and other assets from another domain.
@last_landing whoa you’re right! I’ll fix this right away. Good catch, thanks for finding that!
Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a look and let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. An idea I've had forever it seems. Still a work in progress although it's getting closer. More coffee ought to do it.
@ricksegal You have a good point and it is indeed something I've thought about although I don't have the whole answer yet. Been occupied with tech think. But it will definitely include being upfront, honest, and fair.
Looks really good Sivanand. We're just getting started so I don't think we're quite ready, but I've thought about how we're going to get feedback, bug reports, etc. This could be just the solution. Hopefully we can keep in touch on Twitter. And maybe I'll just go ahead and sign up, if that's okay, even if we're not ready yet, to get the hang of it.