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@classesapp It has been a while since I have been to class. What software do schools use nowadays? Do they leverage social media like Facebook Groups? How does Classes tie into the systems schools are already using?
@marckohlbrugge Thanks for the questions, Marc! We are still many miles away from finding all the truths and wisdoms, but here’s what know so far: A. Software usage depends hugely on country, continent, and sometimes obviously the culture; B. It also depends on the type of institution. Developed countries and junior-middle schools tend to lean toward heavy-weight enterprise solutions, which give school administration centralised control over class management and communication. Developing countries, together with higher education schools, private schools, camp activities and many others favour simple and modern tools, such as Facebook Groups and group chats in Facebook Messenger for communication with cloud drives for sharing and simple task-management. Our intention is to fit the part of educational market, where the communication is (or should be) the central point of the overall process, and judging from the feedback the demand is higher in the second group. Hope that answers your question decently ;-) Just let me know if it does’t!
@Nat_Gordiyenko Makes sense. Do you know Kickboard? Offscreen did an interview with the founders a while ago. Worth a read since you're in the same space: