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@laird_evan Thanks for asking :-)

SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic and so on are all great tools for competitive research, gap analysis, etc.

But those platforms are more of a search engine themselves - it's open-ended, and you need to provide the initial keywords/competitors to generate derivative targeting ideas, detected keywords, etc.

Not a bad thing - but we deviate by doing it a bit differently. A number of apps in actually connect to your own data sources (eg. Google Analytics & Search Console) to surface truly low-hanging opportunities that already show traction. As an example.

Furthermore, we have apps that can actually drive same-day traffic & promotion for your content - such as First Responders, which searches for targeted forum discussions & Q/A posts across the web in realtime (so that you can be a "first responder", adding value & referencing your content - very effective).

TL;DR: is designed more to surface insights vs making you find them - and is a 360 degree solution for research, discovery AND promotion. (Most platforms don't facilitate the last one).

You can see a full breakdown of all the apps here:

Hope this helps :-)