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This was made for me! So tired of 20+ tabs slowing down my browser. Hope it delivers.
@chachafance Thanks Charnita! We'll do our best.
@ianmayman Fancy seeing you here. This does sound great! :)
God, I hope this works!! It will be a great way to see just who is responsible for the spam I'm receiving.
@chachafance That's what we've been thinking too, much easier to spot the culprits!
@csergiu_ro Whilst my suggestion above might work, I imagine your service is much easier for people not familiar with web hosting software.
@chachafance I have been thinking one solution might be a subdomain with a default/catchall address, maybe if this will be better, but I'm sure it there will be a cost. For example, I could create a subdomain and with default address, then I just subscribe using [email protected] or whatever I want before @ sign. Generally, I don't have email problems apart from getting too many, although I do sometimes wonder if my address has been sold.
@ianmayman @Ian we thought about that approach too, but we discovered that it's more simple from a technical perspective to setup multiple single purpose domains, if you're curious about our technical approach, feel free to DM me on Twitter and I will be happy to explain out approach :)
@csergiu_ro I've followed you, can't DM unless you follow me. I imagine your service will be useful to people unfamiliar with domain configuration. I look forward to seeing if it will be useful for me.