Hey BetaListers!

Co-founder here - excited to get feedback from you all!

Uprise optimizes your whole financial life, for free.

What we do:

We look at your *entire* financial picture and tell you exactly what to do with your money:

📋 Optimizing your tax strategy
💳 The best accounts (credit, etc.) for you to use (best rates/rewards, lowest fees)
🎯 How much to save and invest for your goals
💰 Which employer benefits to take advantage of
📈 How smart investors allocate their assets
🚀 What to do with your employee stock/options (coming soon!)

And we do this all regardless of how the market is doing :)

We've fairly conservatively unlocked an average $1.5M (!) additional net worth *per* user so far, and we usually find a few hundred bucks in immediate wins.

Our early users (from places like Google, Tesla, etc.) love having their financial life finally sorted for them: check out the quotes in the images above, our reviews, and our 83 NPS (for you marketers out there)!

Why we're different:

My co-founder @jesschenriolfi and I come from Justworks, Robinhood, and TransferWise. @jesschenriolfi kept hearing from users that while there's plenty of one-off solutions in fintech ("we help you do this ONE thing"), there's nothing that solves the fundamental problem of your holistic finances ("what do I do with my money given all the financial products out there").

For myself, at Justworks I saw people leave tons of money on the table because they didn't understand their employer benefits (something pretty much every other financial app out there misses).

We wanted to finally solve personal finance for the 99% and think we have the right approach:

🌕 Looking at your full financial picture to actually recommend the best thing for you - yes we look at your employer benefits!

🕵️ Combining really powerful automation and tooling with a human expert in the loop to make sure our recommendations are genuinely good

💯 Focusing more on the big wins that actually move the needle over things like tagging specific transactions

Special offer:

Special offer for BetaListers 🎁: Please write “BetaList” (exactly as typed) under "How did you hear about us?" and that will automatically bump you to the front of the waitlist. We’re scaling up, so we should get you in pretty quickly - we want to get your feedback asap!

(Note: we’re optimized for US-based single young professionals, so if you’re not in the US/married/with kids, you'll get a notice that we'll reach out to you as soon as we can serve you.)

Would love to hear feedback/questions/comments here! 🙏


Other notes/FAQ

How do you make money?

It's completely free. We intend to sustain our business by getting paid when customers sign up for financial products we recommend. That said, this won’t impact our advice to you! We’re in this for the long haul, not to make a quick buck - we won’t push products we don't think you need. Our recommendations will be independent and will reflect what we think is best for you, period. We look to Wirecutter as a great example of a company that does this well.

What about security?

With our backgrounds from Justworks, Robinhood, and Facebook, we’re super serious about security/privacy and follow industry-standard best practices like:

- Retaining only as much data as needed and only for as long as is required to provide our services - and allowing anyone to have their data fully deleted anytime by emailing us
- Logging any significant events across the platform to ensure only the financial advisor is actioning on or viewing certain data
- Employing firewalls, HTTPS, and working with best-in-class providers like Plaid that use bank-level encryption to secure networks, communications, and data
- Authenticating over SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security)

Where does the $1.5M number come from?

Basically we take where your finances currently are vs. where they would be if you applied our optimizations.

The value comes from: (1) tax advantages, (2) free money from employer benefits, (3) investment compounding, (4) more rewarding/higher interest rate accounts, and (5) fee savings.