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@FastFedora clarity.fm, supercan, 1degree - these are similar platforms however on anyone - everyone puts a price on their time. The premise is to give back value to each individuals' minute which is really hard these in an always-online world. We pay telecom services for minutes and data, voip services like Skype for Skype credits - these are all middlemen - so let's also directly pay the people we are talking to. Of course there are industries where professionals would want to keep themselves free so as to get the client for their paid services (plumber, electrician, etc.) so thats where our crypto token comes into action - please do read the white paper :)
@callanyone Maybe I'm not understanding the difference. You are saying that on AnyOne people charge for their time. But that's how it works on Clarity.fm too. You pay someone on a per-minute basis to talk to them. Sorry if I'm not understanding the difference.
sure you can pay someone on a per minute basis to talk to them - its the same feature however a very different user experience - desktop vs mobile to first begin with. - in AnyOne you are not scheduling a call. it is more seamless. similar concept but a much different approach and execution so as to not just keep it restricted to a niche "on demand business advice" market.

hope it's a bit more clear now. if not hang on for a little while, the app is going through the app store review process. Once approved, I will immediately share the beta access and you can experience difference firsthand :)
Interesting solution. It’s an extension to Medium.
@callanyone Definitely can be used to tip Medium articles and their authors. Wouldn't quite call it an extension to Medium though :)
app is finally available on iOS now https://callanyone.io