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@grexican Thank you for review on DivShow! We were in the middle of reviewing our pricing tiers and have just added a new tier targeted for smaller startups (@ 50/month .. or 45/month if subscribed yearly). Hopefully that addresses your concern as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on the integration as well.

Please do reach out if you have other comments / questions.
@grexican Awesome! Please do reach out when you give us a try.
@vaibhavThevedi Spotlight and Alfred is where we drew inspiration. The idea was simple, A lot of sass tools have topper / sidebar concerns. A metric UX folks use is to minimize clicks to complete a task / action. With this widget we try and cut that down and clean up navigation by indexing any tool / site on our end and allow the user to "search" whatever it it relevant to them in the site's context.

We go even further and link a sites external links (links blogs and docs) and index those under this widget.