I believe in simplicity, minimalism, and have an ardent willingness to push the bounds, envisioning the betterment of usable and practical solutions.

While working with clients and partners at our consulting company, my co-founder, Saneef and I realized a big under-served market for mid-range budget projects typically in the budget of $100,000 to half a million dollar, sometimes even up to a million. These projects are too large for UpWorks, Freelancer, Gigster, and many other short-term contract marketplaces. And, these projects are too low for the digital agencies of the world and thus tend to get an inferior treatment.

We're beta testing and working very closely with few selected clients. If you wish to try out, we are taking in projects in the budget range of $25,000+. Do let us know what you want the network to build for you -

If you have any questions, ping us anytime.