Feel better every day with Bounce. Our gamified bot gives you science-based exercises each day. Helping you create a #happier, #stronger, #healthier #mind.

If you have any questions about Bounce, please feel free to ask them here. Have a great day.
@rossintheshed Hi Ross, our approach is based on mental resilience and the exercises presented in the bot are taken from positive psychology academic literature, including work completed by Michal Seligman, Alex Wood, Jeffery Froh, Jamie Hughes, Mary Gourley, etc... We work with a clinical psychologist to research and convert the academic research into user-friendly exercises. It must be noted that the bot is a self-improvement tool, and we don't see Bounce as a clinical solution. Finally, we're currently working with a number of Universities to help develop the research on mental resilience and see how Bounce could be used to support individuals in a clinical environment. Hope this helps answer your question.