Blank is a no nonsense instant messenger where text appears in real time, letter-by-letter, and then disappears.

Hello Dmitry,
Thank you, we’re filing this as a +1 for a planned feature.
Dear friends, feel free to contact us by [email protected], Twitter @blank_im or here in reply if you did not receive TestFlight invite. It does not always work the way we would like to
Hi! New Blank 1.2 beta build is available on Testflight. You could
get early access on our site

App crash when using third-party keyboards in dialog;
Minor UI fixes;
App crash when using predictive text input in dialog;
App crash on complete removal of the current phrase.

Contacts sync in every app start and restore, redundant contact sync on 'User joined Blank' is removed;
Temporary scroll appears if too much text on screen at the same time;
Now several (not one) last messages loads when entering the dialog.

Known issues:
Facebook name/friends import might not work on several settings;
Messaging is now available only if both contacts have each other in address book.

Happy testing! Waiting for feedback :)