Benjamin Caron


Founder at @FreeYourInbox and at @_BetaStartup,fighting #emailoverload and helping startups to meet users #Epilepsy advocate #startup #frenchtech #BornInTheAlps

@vtbouvier Hi Vincent, thanks a lot ! Really happy to have you on board since day 1.
@HeleneBonnefond Hi Hélène, thanks a lot ! Very happy to make your mailbox a better place :-)
Very happy to answer any questions.
@PLesnard Merci Pierre ! Heureux de vous aider à garder votre boîte mail en bonne santé :-)
@bb24477787 Hi bb, Benjamin, founder of Free Your Inbox. We experienced some redirection issues those last days, sorry for that. Everything should be fine now if you click on the Visit Site button above.
Have a nice day and feel free to message me if needed.