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@iStereotype Yes! Thanks a lot! This was built in like 48 hours and I started learning RoR maybe 2-3 months prior to that. I had few years of JS experience (with widgets JS is like 95%) but nothing more than experimenting with jQ. What I did - spent a lot of time looking at existing javascript widgets. You can check out my code (but don't look too much I'm pretty sure its not done properly :D) >> Also feel free to reach out on twitter if you have any questions!
@marcvonbrock To be honest, no idea. We'll see, I started working on some limiting features, pagination etc -- but it wasn't needed in the beginning. Custom domains are possible! Shoot me an email on ben (at)
@andyhoek Andy, sorry I totally missed these messages. Yes, it is possible! Just shoot me an email ben (at)
@villainjosh Hmm, yeah, that is not possible. For now! If you signed up I'll be sending an update as soon its done!