Looks interesting but the website seems to be down.
I wanted to try it but no Android app. Any plans to make one?
@bb24477787 Hi bb, Benjamin, founder of Free Your Inbox. We experienced some redirection issues those last days, sorry for that. Everything should be fine now if you click on the Visit Site button above.
Have a nice day and feel free to message me if needed.
Like what I see so far. But how does storage space work exactly?
Thanks @bb24477787! The storage space is only calculated from uploads such as files, videos, images. In the free plan, you get 5GB per team, in the basic plan it's 10GB per team member (cf. Hope this helps.
Seems interesting, can't wait to get in.
@bb24477787 Thank you! We will try our best.
Seems great. I cannot wait to use it more extensively.
$3,640+ per year? No thanks... Massively overpriced.
Service doesn't exist anymore as far as I can tell. Betalist needs to clean these up...
Just takes you to a login page with no info or way to sign up...