making #quarantineclassroom & the desktop mobile game, ROTOR - also made @EmojiDarkly & oriscript

@mprogano thanks :) it's a tool partially for people ADHD being made by somebody with ADHD, so please expect delays ;)
oh boy could we fix that first sentence? :P
" came from my interest in an idea about 'digital layers' existing directly on top physical spaces."
@fiatjaf Thanks! thats a great idea :)
@arjun_tuli sure i will make a disclaimer explaining the nature of the security situation
@proshin_roman Thanks! Do you have any ideas about features or growing users? I'm glad you like the concept :D
why only within 14 days? it should be if you've come into contact with them at all i should think, no?
@basiclaser it’s an average time of symptoms to show off.
@basiclaser If you've been in contact with someone with the virus, but don't develop symptoms within 14 days it's unlikely you got infected. So by that point, that contact point becomes irrelevant.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, etc. This is my layman's understanding.