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Any plans to post this on Product Hunt? I think the community will love it.
@askdaylen Thanks for the comment. I am opening it to Redditors first and then will post on PH :)
I have wanted an app to manage my closet for a while now; however, having a tablet dedicated for use once a day doesn't seem that realistic. Why did you decide to make a tablet app instead of a phone app?
What makes Pagefolio unique compared to, Carrd,, Follow Me, etc.?
@askdaylen I expected this question from the beginning. Glad you asked.

Those are popular and really good products . But most of them have too many things to set up. Too many signup questions, different templates, fonts, etc. These options are actually good but not everyone puts the effort or has the time. They would have been better if we could setup easily and get more visitors.

That's where Pagefolio comes in. Pagefolio will have a very simple, minimal and neat design so that your visitors will more focus on your portfolio, which helps you to get more audience and equal attention to all your works.

Also, Pagefolio helps you to discover other people, products, blogs, apps, etc using our Pagefolio Discovery System.

Sign up to get early access and give it a try. :)
What sets your service apart from Allset, Savvy, and Jumpr?
What makes Personalico better than an page?
@askdaylen Thanks for your question! That's actually a good point. offers a simple single-purpose, page without the possibility of customization. Our service, lets you create your personal website, which is not just a single page, but multiple highly customizable pages, with a standard layout studied for best UI/UX. We're still at the beginning, but we hope to make a dent in the huge market of website builders, also thanks to people like you, that could help us understanding the right vision, the right purpose that will help make Personalico, your first and unique website builder :)