Ashutosh Rawat


Product Owner @OwlieApp, creator, innovation enthusiast, tech+design fanatic, foodie, amateur percussionist, T.T player, and league of legends gamer.

Thank you very much for showing interest in Owlie! 🙏

- Which movie 🍿should we watch?
- Where should we go for summer vacations? 🏖
- When should we all schedule our family picnic? 🚎
If you are like me, you must have felt that it is hard 😓 to make decisions quickly with a large group of friends on messaging apps 📱 like Facebook Messenger. This is because messaging apps are not meant for decision making in groups 😟. Owlie 😎 is our attempt to solve this 👉 problem.

We've created Owlie with a vision 👀 to facilitate quick decision making 🖖. Users spend too much time on planning 📅 rather than doing 🏄. We are using artificial intelligence 🤖 (AI) and different integration with API's (🌤 🚕 📅 🗺 ) to help us accomplish this 🎯.

We believe that all products 🕹 should empathise 🙇 with their users. We are looking 👀 for help and support 🖖 of the Betalist supporters and community 👥. We invite 🤗 you to apply for beta testing at and provide your feedback to make Owlie better 👍. With your support 💪, decision making 🤔 will never be the same again 😎.