Andrew Schmelyun


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As far as I'm aware, Boomerang is a Gmail extension and is unable to be used with any custom domain email addresses or other email providers. Shallot can be used with any email address.
@bradenericson Hey Braden! We're actually using Puppeteer in the backend to render the PDFs. The biggest perk for using PDFBlade vs rolling your own functionality is peace of mind and reliability.

We have guaranteed 99.99% uptime and robust error reporting if something was to go wrong on our end while rendering out your PDF (you'll get a response back in the API as well as an email alert). Depending on what you're rendering, or your business size, it can be a hassle to spin up and maintain architecture dedicated to using Puppeteer.

We're here to help ease that burden!
@aschmelyun Makes a lot of sense! Definitely some quirks we had to iron out when putting Puppeteer on a production instance. Best of luck!