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@NashGunjal Yes it does, Messengerify deeply integrates with Facebook Messenger API
@akabalabanov Hi Alex, sorry about that, but Facebook has temporarily suspended all 3rd party app logins (including Messengerify) due to their upcoming changes in privacy policies. We expect them to remove these temporary restrictions in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can ping you back soon with an update.
@akabalabanov The gate is open! Facebook restrictions have been lifted 🎉We will be rolling out Messengerify to select private beta customers this week!
#ICYMI We have offer coupons for Betalist community! All we are looking for honest feedback on the product!
@Roby_Abraham25 Thank you! Yes, what we are attempting to do is helping businesses communicate in a personal manner with customers. Everyone has that one favorite coffee shop or restaurant where the owner knows you by name! We want to enable business owners online to make customers feel the same way.